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Pour tous renseignements Renseignements n°Azur : 0810222222, prix d'un appel local
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The TIBUS network : What is it?


Flyer Welcome aboard Tibus


TIBUS is the interurban transport network for the people of Côtes d'Armor. The Conseil Général has applied itself, over the years, to reinforcing the network which covers most of the territory. What better than to let oneself be taken at a reasonable price in order to take advantage of the richness of the Côtes d'Armor?
The standard fare is 2€. For special fares please click here.

How do I take a TIBUS coach?

Hail the driver when the coach reaches your stop.
When boarding the vehicle, present your pass or buy a ticket from the driver (please prepare the correct fare in advance) and punch it.
Keep your ticket until you reach your destination. In the event of a control it serves as proof of payment and failure to produce it may result in a fine.
You can change coaches within one hour of buying your ticket.
For your comfort and your safety, please remain seated.
To get off the coach you must let the driver know at least 100 meters before your stop.
Coaches are public spaces. Smoking and the drinking of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden. The transport of dangerous objects or substances is forbidden. Large animals are forbidden with the exception of guide dogs.

What is transport on demand?

Transports on demand are bus lines which only run when one or several passengers have booked in advance. All services marked by the logo at the top of the timetable must be booked in advance. Passengers are invited to phone the following number

before 5 pm on the day preceding the journey from Tuesday to Saturday or before 5pm on Friday for journeys on the following Monday.
WARNING : If booking via the internet, reservations must be made 48 hours before the journey from Tuesday to Saturday and before 8pm on Thursdays for journeys on the following Monday.

Thelogo at the bottom of the timetable indicates that the line is also accessible for people with reduced mobility by reserving in advance as above.

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